“Samsara” Contest WINNER Announced!

KatiePetersonSamsaraContestAnnounceAt the close of our inaugural samsara-themed contest, Tuesday is thrilled to announce that Katie Peterson has won our annual broadside competition!!

Katie’s beautiful poem, AN OFFERING, will be printed as a Limited Edition, Numbered Broadside and will appear in the Fall 2015 Issue of Tuesday; An Art Project.

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted – you made the job of selecting a winner as difficult as it was joyful. We had tremendous poems to choose from!

General submissions remain open. Please continue to send us your best work, and we look forward to sending you the next issue of Tuesday, which features new poems by: Mary Ruefle, Evie Shockley, Michael Burkard, Willa Carroll and more!

 “Samsara literally means “wandering-on”…. Instead of a place, it’s a process: the tendency to keep creating worlds and then moving into them. As one world falls apart, you create another one and go there…” — Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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