Introducing: Tuesday; A Reading Project!!!

In which past contributors to Tuesday  read their poems from the magazine.

In our debut Reading Project video, Jane Wong reads “O,O” and “O,O” from Issue 6:2. To watch, click here.

Coming soon… Terese Svoboda, David Rivard, Cate Marvin, Anne Marie Rooney, Khadijah Queen, Anthony Madrid, Quraysh Ali Lansana, and many many more!!


TUESDAY RETURNS!!!! Subscribe! Submit! Support!

Did you miss Tuesday?

We did! So we are staging a comeback, and we can’t do it without YOU!

Tuesday Cover Photo March 2015What to look for in the coming weeks:

-March 28: Tuesday; A Reading Project, our new online reading/video series of Tuesday contributors (including Charles Simic, Terese Svoboda, David Rivard, Andrea Cohen, Jane Wong, M.A. Vizsolyi, Patricia Spears Jones, Cate Marvin… and so many more!)

-March 29: Themed Poetry Contest Launch

-April 5: Kickstarter! Subscribe to Issues 12 & 13 through our campaign!

-April 8: General Submissions open at AWP!