2nd Annual Themed Poetry Contest

This year’s theme: “Ahimsa” – Non-Violence

Uncertain knowledge giving rise to violence, whether done directly or indirectly, or condoned, is caused by greed, anger or delusion in mild, moderate or intense degree. It results in endless pain and ignorance. Through introspection comes the end of pain and ignorance.   -BKS Iyengar translation and commentary Heart of the Yoga Sutras.

In the second annual spring editor’s contest for Tuesday; An Art Project, we invite poems in which you yourself consider and address the concept of “Ahimsa”, of non-violence. We hope that you will interpret this broadly but honestly, and can’t wait to read what you send.

The winning poem will be printed as a letter-pressed broadside of 100 numbered copies. The winner will receive 5 copies. In addition to the broadside, the winning poem will be printed in a forthcoming issue of Tuesday.

Please SUBMIT up to 5 “Ahimsa” poems in a single document.

As with all Tuesday submissions, poem length is only constrained by the length of a 5X7 card (roughly 70 lines in vertical format, 54 horizontal (necessary for longer lines). Tuesday reserves the right to not select a winning poem. know that we do not collect submission fees lightly. They have become necessary to keep Tuesday alive – and we appreciate your participation in the publishing process.


General submissions are now OPEN.



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